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Featured Organizer: Karin Socci of The Serene Home

October 8th, 2019

What is professional home organization and why is it so important?

Professional home organizing is the art and science of editing and organizing space. The goal is that your home supports the daily activities of you and your family in the most efficient and pleasant way possible. The skills and experience of a professional organizer are a valuable asset in helping to get you there!


What is your area of expertise?

I studied under Marie Kondo and was the first Master level KonMari consultant worldwide. I am also a Professional Organizer within the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals.

In addition, I have an MA in psychotherapy and an MBA.

I work with families, businesses and individuals who want reduce frustration and bring more order into their homes and work.


What do you do inside a client's home once you arrive? Do you sort, unpack, declutter with them, or focus more on being a support partner and guide?

It really depends on what the client needs, but I’m very hands on. I love to dig in and create working systems, but my ultimate goal is that my clients learn how to manage their homes and lives going forward. My support and guidance is really hand in hand for the most part. Although sometimes, my clients just need things packed up for a move and lovingly organized in their new home!

No matter what the client needs, my approach is very collaborative. The systems need to work for the client and their goals.


Can you share a client experience that was shocking, exciting or unexpected?

I’m extremely focused on confidentially. Many of my clients feel embarrassed by the condition of their homes and reaching out for help is a big step. So, I don’t share stories about specific clients. But I can share that I’ve worked with clients who were able to transform themselves and their lives once they organized their homes. They’ve fallen in love, decided to start a family, took the leap toward a new career and found that they were living healthier, more fulfilling lives!


What do you know about home organization that others don't (eg, how impacting it can be)?

Regardless of what it costs to have a professional organizer work with you, the value is more than regained because, not only will you recapture the time that you are wasting by looking for things, you will also find that your shopping habits change.  And, sometimes, clients have actually discovered forgotten cash in old coat pockets!


Could Monica from Friends have become a good professional organizer? Or any other TV character that stood out to you that could either have been a great organizer or could have used organization help?

One thing I have discovered is that people can be enormously successful in many areas of their lives but still need help with organization. When I think of Monica and even Felix Unger from the Odd Couple, two very organized people, I don’t think they would be able to share this skill with others because both of them can seem a little judgmental of the habits of others. As a professional organizer, a high degree of empathy and understanding is critical. You should not have to worry about being judged by your organizer!


Your favorite quote:

“Not to take pleasure in one’s surroundings is to miss one of the great delights of life.”

~Cecil Beaton


Last thing you laughed out loud about:

Probably one of my own jokes! My husband says it bad form to laugh at your own jokes, but somebody has to!


How can clients book you:

I’m at and you can book a free call to discuss working with me here: The Serene Home Phone Consult



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