How to Find Clients for Your Professional Organizing Business

July 4th, 2019

Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re a pro, one common goal never changes: growing your client list. But how does a professional organizing business find clients? We’ve put together our top tips for finding new clients, organizing your client list, and ultimately growing your professional organizing business.

Top Tips for How to Find Clients for Your Professional Organizing Business

Start with People You Know

If you’re new to the professional organizing space, a great way to get your feet wet is by reaching out to friends and family; ask them to be your first clients. Start by offering a friends and family rate in exchange for testimonials as well as before and after photos. This will help you build a portfolio and showcase your services. Plus, your friends and family are going to love your work, so they’re more likely to pass along your info to their friends, and that’s how word of mouth and referrals begin.

Harness the Power of Networks

Working within networks falls into two categories: teaming up with local businesses/professionals and/or joining an online database. To start, teaming up with local professionals who share your business values and also complement what you do is a great way to expand your network. For instance, teaming up with a local interior designer who needs someone in the organizing space mutually benefits you and the designer. You can work with other businesses to host an event, do a giveaway, or even go live on social media to educate your audiences on different organizing hacks. 

Extend your network even further with online marketplaces/databases. Places like Betternest have harnessed the power of the internet, giving you more visibility more quickly and more efficiently. By building an online reputation as a place for consumers to go when they need help with their organizing projects, your business automatically gains more exposure. To boot, we deal with payment, help you schedule, handle document agreements, and more so you can do what you love and in exactly the way you want!


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Workshops & Events

Research upcoming events in your area that may relate to your niche and find out what you need to do to become either a speaker at the event or how you can set up a vendor table at the event. This is a great way to educate people about organization practices in general, but more specifically, what your business specializes in. Collect names and email addresses to build your email list and follow up with everyone who stops by your booth. You can even offer a special discount on the initial consultation for everyone who attends or for the first ten people who sign up with you that day.

Bonus: if you’re part of an online community—like Betternest—that handles all of your payment processing and paperwork, you can bring prospective clients onto the platform for ease of payment for both you and your client. 

Get Social

Start advertising your business on social media and building a following. Create your ideal client list: What does that person look like? What might their needs be? Once you’ve identified your target demographic, find them on social media and engage with them! Showcase not only your work, but also share tips and tricks that everyone can do on their own. People will have a visual resource to look at once they’ve identified that you are someone they may want to work with. As you engage and cultivate those relationships, you can build loyalty and turn that audience into customers.

Organization is the name of the game (as if you didn’t know that!), so keep your marketing and business growth plan organized and decluttered. Show your audience and potential customers why they should come to you with their organizing needs and showcase what it is that makes you stand out. Building on those relationships and engaging with your audience will build loyalty, which will turn into customers, new referrals, and a bigger client list. 


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