How to Clean up and Stay Organized After a Holiday Party

July 4th, 2019

Grab your party hats, streamers, and horns because America has a birthday and we are here to celebrate! But.. let’s get real for a minute: the bigger the party, the bigger the eventual cleanup. Which isn’t a big deal, unless you’re the one throwing the party. And there’s no amount of fireworks that can make up for an after party clean-up sesh. Here are our top tips for staying organized and enjoying your holiday party!

Skip the Confetti and Unnecessary Accessories

Just skip it. The confetti and glitter, that is. Not the party itself. We promise that no one is going to miss those little twinkling pieces of paper, and you’ll save yourself a ton of time and headaches after the party when you don’t have to pick up or vacuum a million little pieces. This is also a huge plus for the environment if your party happens to be outside. If anyone asks why you don’t have confetti—but we’re pretty sure they won’t even notice, tell them, this is a green party and you’re doing your part to save the birds. Good for you. Good for America (and the Earth).

Designate Party Areas to Stay Organized

In the same way you organize areas in your house for flow, clearly designate the areas this epic party will take place. If it’s outdoors, make sure your guests can see the path as soon as they arrive. If you need to clear an entrance to the kitchen or bathroom, make sure you put up signs that show people how to get there, and block off rooms you don’t want them going into. This will help avoid any potential unwanted spills or messes in multiple spaces. What happens in the party space, stays in the party space. It will make your cleanup that much easier once everyone has drifted on home. 

Go Disposable to Minimize Clean Up

Put away your fancy China and opt for disposable everything. We’re talking linens, tablecloths, napkins, silverware, plates, cups, and more. Not only will this decrease the chances of someone breaking your favorite stemware, but your cleanup time will be cut in half. Plus, they make some really cute holiday-themed essentials these days, so you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetic for simplicity. To coincide with your green (aka no confetti) ideas, you can purchase recyclable or compostable products.

Clean As You Go

Clean up messes throughout the party. Don’t let this be so distracting that you forget to have fun and enjoy yourself, but take a few minutes here and there to clean up as you go. If you see dirty/empty plates sitting around, throw them away when you walk by. You can even enlist any kiddos that are present (especially your own) with a special bribe if they help you keep the place looking spotless throughout the festivities. Also, be sure to have properly labeled receptacles out so your guests can take the hint that they should be disposing of and recycling any dirty or empty containers throughout the event.

Hire It Out

If you have one too many mojitos or just plain don’t feel like cleaning up the next day, there’s zero shame in hiring it out. Bring in the professionals to clean up and organize your post-party mess so you can spend the day recovering from all the fun that was had. 


If you’re feeling like your house needs a professional spruce up, contact us here.


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