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Home Organization Consultation: What to Know Before You Book Your Appointment

June 19th, 2019

You’ve made it! You finally have your dream home—or your “could be a dream home”—with just the right touch and organization. Like with any big project, it’s definitely important to do your homework so that you find the right organizational fit. If you’re ready to take the plunge and finally bring in the professionals to help you organize, here are our best tips to help you book an appointment with confidence and ease.

What to Know Before You Book Your Home Organization Appointment

See What Types of Projects They Specialize In: When finding any good professional, it's important to know what types of projects he/she specializes in as well as the preferred style or method so you can see if his/her specialty lines up with your needs. With your project’s ultimate goal in mind, ask yourself if you only need to declutter or maybe you need help creating a new space where the clutter once lived. There are specialists that do both.


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Whatever your project is, make sure the home organizer you’re making an appointment with is capable of helping you accomplish it. Be realistic with time and methodology. Ask the person if he/she is working solo or needs your help to accomplish the goals.

Fees + Cost: Money talks, and there’s nothing worse than being blindsided with costs after the project has finished...or while you’re in the middle of declutter chaos. That’s why our platform is free to use, and when you hire a professional, you will see his/her packages and hourly pricing. This way you know who you can afford to work with from the start. We take pride in having professionals offer their most affordable prices while consistently providing quality work. It’s important to have this level of transparency with your home organizer.


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Certification + Home Organizing: You don’t need any special training or certifications to be an amazing professional organizer, after all, that’s the beauty of Pinterest. That’s also the curse of Pinterest for those of us who pin endlessly with little decluttering happening outside of our virtual boards. Don’t be afraid to ask about certifications! Many professionals on our site are NAPO certified, and all of them hold licenses and offer an insurance policy.

Examples of Their Work + Style: Don’t be afraid to ask for examples of his/her work. A business that takes pride in its work will be more than happy to show you what they’ve done and share past experiences with you, as long as it doesn’t breach any confidentiality clauses. Sometimes you’re able to see this information on a home organizer’s page, but if you don’t, just ask.  

While these are just some ideas to get you started, we recommend sitting down before making that first call and coming up with a list of what’s important to you. Don’t be afraid to say what you do and don’t want out of this project. After all, it’s your space and your vision. If you need some help finding the perfect person to help you get the job done, see a list of our professionals here.

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