Decluttering Services + Tips for Mommy Blogger Office

March 21st, 2019

While spring has sprung, and spring cleaning is in the air, your home office might be closer to the melting snow on the side of the road and further from the superbloom. Decluttering your office takes time, especially on days where the mom part of mommy blogger blurs the line between work and homelife. To help you along the way:

Top Tips + Decluttering Services for Mommy Blogger Office

1. Buy Office Supplies You Like (and Will Use): If the supplies are cute, and they make your desk look nice, why wouldn’t you want to use them? Start by making specific plans for your desk: how do you want it to look and what do you use it most often for? It’s a place many of us spend lots of time. The supplies you buy will help declutter and organize.



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2. Create Designated Spaces for Items: If you have a small working space, this tip could be isolated to your desk’s physical space. If you have a larger space—like some of the gorgeous blogger spaces we love—creating a flow that allows you to properly assort what you need will increase productivity. Start by going through your items asking yourself, “do you need this” and “can this be sorted better?” Utilize all your space effectively, including filing cabinets and drawers. The sooner you put together a system, the easier it is to follow. If you’re not sure where to start, write down your overall business/project objectives, and then ask yourself what fits and what doesn’t. Before you know it, paper clutter will be a thing of the past.

If you’re looking for help with your space, we have services available in your area.

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3. Clean Off Your Desk at the End of Every Day: Once your desk is organized, clear it off/tidy up everyday to give tomorrow a fresh start. You will walk into your office with a more open mind and less stress, leaving you with more room for creativity to flow. Make cleaning your desk part of your daily schedule, and it will become a habit. Note: moving around piles doesn’t count as decluttering, which is why it’s essential to put together a system (filled with office supplies you love) in order to keep the clutter away.



4. Digital Clutter: Avoid saving to desktop and make folders for all your needs. Decluttering doesn’t stop at the physical space, but instead the system continues into your digital space. The digital space is where bloggers make their living, so keeping that space open and clutter free will allow you to focus on the projects at hand. Let go of the post-it notes and move to a system management/task based system like Trello. Clutter presents a false idea that everything is important to the task, so the less clutter there is, the more focus you have.



Photo Source: Tidy Moose

5. Hire a Professional: Here’s where the services part of this comes in. Yes, you can DIY and Pinterest your way into a decluttering system, but when you’re short on time (aren’t we all), calling in the professionals is a sure way to get everything you need done quickly and efficiently. Want more information, how it works, and pricing? Click below to let us know, and and we will get in touch shortly!

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