Make your Space Look Larger Instantly with these Simple Steps!

April 22nd, 2017

Looking to make your space look larger than it actually is? You’ve come to the right place! Here are a few low-cost ideas to redesign any space to be larger than life!

1. Move your couch a few inches away from the walls- yes we know it sounds counter-intuitive, but trust us! Moving furniture away from the wall will trick the eye into thinking you have more space than there actually is! You can double this effect if you combine this with our next tip…

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2. Get a mirror, a large one. This age-old trick never fails to amaze, and everyone is in on it. Grocery stores place mirrors at the end of their produce to make it look like they have a lot more food than they actually do, tricking you into buying more (Those sneaky bastards!). If you’re looking for an upgrade from the $5 Target mirror you had in college, we like this one on Amazon for $229.00. The larger the better, as it’ll trick the eye into doubling the space of your living room!

3. Let there be light! We already touched on why this is a good idea in our post on how to search for a new space, but the tune remains the same: having ample natural lighting and large windows can really amp up the perceived size of a space. If windows are a no-go, try painting the walls of a room lighter colors for a similar effect. If you’re not allowed to paint the walls, try adding some new-aged lighting fixtures like this one

4. Get creative with storage! Clearing out clutter can be a hassle, but it’s also one of the things keeping your space cramped. Rediscover your space by finally getting rid of the old DVD’s or investing in a new storage space saver (you can look at our top suggestions here!).

5. Create a focal point. Got a space looking small no matter what you do? Draw attention away from the cramped space by creating a focal point that wows the eye. It can be anything from a bright orange couch to an eye-catching painting. Just be sure not to add too much dazzle to once space, this could make space look more cramped than it was before!


What have you done to make your space look larger than reality? Let us know!

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