Window Treatments on a Budget

March 23rd, 2017

Windows and curtains are ubiquitous in your home and they can add a lot of beauty and style to any space. Hence, the last thing you want is to have outdated and bland window treatments standing front and center! Window treatments are a design element incorporated to enhance the aesthetics of the room. The hard elements are made of wood or vinyl and comprise of window shutters, blinds, and shades. The soft elements are made with soft material such as curtains and drapery. Windows can also have frosted or stained glass, and treatments around the windows include molding, cornice board, window valance and German Fensterverdachung.

It can be expensive to do full window treatments in your home because it's a multi-layered project.  So we have saved you time and done the research! Here are our recommendations for the best quality window treatments on an affordable budget.

1. For beautiful quality and affordable window treatments, we recommend custom window treatments. By doing so, they will fit properly to your exact window size, and also have your own distinctive design and style. The best way to do this is to find your local drapery seamstress or your dry-cleaning tailor and have them sew it for you.

First, visit your local fabric shop to find linen or cotton fabric for the unique fabric that meets your style. You can also order it from places like JoAnn or Fabricut. Then, use Yelp or word-of-mouth to find the best-rated seamstress or tailor in your local area. Call ahead of time to compare and contrast prices. Some tailors or shops may even go to your home, do all the measurements and install it for you. Prices will vary depending on your location, the number of windows and what style/fabric you want. A fun hack that we are happy to share is that draperies alone are not too difficult to sew, so having just draperies done is a great option to keep prices reasonable and within your budget!


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2. If you prefer the standard window treatment route, then IKEA is your best friend. They have a huge affordable selection of drapery that will make your windows look classy and beautiful without breaking the bank. We love their AINA curtain set and the Ritva White Curtain Set.


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3. Another great option for an easy way to buy custom draperies is via Barn&Willow. They offer premium quality 100% Belgian linen draperies which they stitch per your specifications and style. They provide it for 1/3 the normal cost and will ship your draperies within 10 days. By working directly with top factories in Belgium and India, they are able to keep the costs down. So this is the perfect opportunity to boost your decor style and enhance your space!


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4. Amazon is a great place to shop for window treatments because you can compare quality, prices, and reviews of all the drapery options available. Make sure to take the proper measurements before you order, but in case you are not satisfied, they have a flexible return policy. We really love these window treatments which can add a beautiful pop of color to any home!


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5. We also recommend checking out CB2, West Elm, Pottery Barn and JCPenny for quality window treatments that are both tasteful and reasonably priced. Have fun decorating your space! Once you are done, share your beautiful window treatments and design with us in our design stories!

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