Affordable Closets to Help You Organize Your Space!

February 21st, 2017

With the new year in full swing, we can all use some closet organization ideas to help us organize our space. It requires serious will-power to take on a cleaning project, so we totally understand the stress! We made this list to get you motivated and to help you get your space cleaned up in no time. We’ve even listed some of Marie Kondo’s techniques to get you in the right mood to de-clutter and organize!


1. Make it a Fun Event!

Before you start organizing your closet, first get in the mood! Turn on some soothing or upbeat music, set up a fragrant candle, wear comfortable clothing and get ready to make some decisions!


2. Use Racks

You don’t need to build a full closet for your items, which is especially difficult in small spaces. Instead opt to purchase some sturdy racks to help you organize your clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. A few shelves can go a long way!

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3. Use Shoeboxes Inside Dresser Drawers

Marie Kondo recommends putting away clothing in drawers rather than hanging them. She suggests folding them like origami, standing them upright in shoeboxes and inside a dresser drawer for more organization. This will also instill a system to help you stay organized as you go about your days long after you are done cleaning.

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4. Incorporate a Portable Closet

You can add an easy-to-arrange and portable closet to your space for space-saving organization. It's sturdy and durable and can be placed inside a small room or in a walk-in closet. It has movable hanging rods and storage shelves for longer clothing and folded clothes. Perfect for that chic studio that needs space-saving storage! 

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5. Build a Custom Closet

If you are looking for a large closet or complete renovation of closet space, you can always hire a closet builder and designer to get you that perfect master walk-in closet or custom cabinet installed. You can visit our interior designers selection soon to hire a designer to help you in finding the best custom closet for your space.

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