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Modern Furniture for Less: Target & Dwell Team Up

January 30th, 2017

Craving that modern living room look but strapped for cash? Fear not- Target’s got you covered with a new collab with Dwell Magazine, known for their ultra-modern, and traditionally ultra-expensive, designs. The new collection features over 100 pieces, most clocking in at under $100, and all less than $400.  The mashup of Dwell’s beautiful designs and Target’s prices have us jumping for joy.


To create the series, Dwell merged a list of words they felt described the company with Target’s market research, which illustrated how more and more people- especially millennials- crave modern, affordable furniture with a Scandinavian slant. You can get this chair for $249.99, the coffee table for $149.99, the end table for $89.99, and the lamp for $49.99.


All of the designs came directly from Dwell’s co-creative directors, Chris Deam and Nick Dine. They worked with Target to adapt their designs for mass production, allowing Target to sell the items at a more affordable price. Pictured above are several items they designed, including a large copper lantern for $34.99 or a smaller version for $19.99; a chair cushion for $79.99 and the chair for $269.99; a geo pillow for $44.99; a sofa cushion for $109.99 and the outdoor sofa for $399.99, a hexagon concrete planter for $89.99, and the outdoor coffee table for $89.99.


So when exactly can you snag your new modern living room? Well, you’re in luck, the Modern by Dwell collection is officially live! Check it out here! Pictured above are Dwell's lighting fixtures for $99.99 and outdoor lounge chairs for $269.99.






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