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Design Around the World: Monet's House in Giverny, France

January 30th, 2017

Claude Monet was a founding father of French impressionist painting. His unique painting technique focused on painting the same scene many times in different light and during different seasons. He lived in Giverny, France where he had a home, garden and a huge pond that included water lilies. These water lilies became one of the most famous and best-known subjects in his painting.

Here are pictures of his home today, which is currently a museum. Some of his original paintings are displayed inside his home, and also around the world. Monet was influenced by his property and land to create beautiful landscape paintings.


Get inspired by his home design below!


Monet's home in Giverny, France:


Monet's garden:


Waterlillies in Monet's garden:


Here are some of Monet’s original paintings displayed in his home:

Add paintings in your own home with a Monet garden theme, or choose paintings that speak to and inspire you. Below are two Monet-inspired paintings you can get on Amazon (left, right)


Outside of Monet’s home. You can appreciate the numerous windows for the entrance of sunlight as well as the unique aqua colors of the shutters:

You can recreate these shutters yourselves (if your Home Owners Association allows it!) by purchasing shutters and either painting them with standard outdoor paint or spray paint. You can get shutters here and spray paint here



The Japanese Bridge in his garden was the focus of a lot of Monet's paintings, which also focuses heavily on the color green.


Consider adding your own water lily pond. This kit online has everything you need to create and customize your very own pond, just like Monet!


Flower arch in Monet's garden:


The arch is a unique outlook on home design; here are some ways you can add arch and some greenery to your home. Adding a vine arch adds some class to any backyard. If you're short on space but have an outdoor wall, allowing vines to traverse a wooden lattice makes every outdoor space pop!


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