Storage Hacks for Smaller Spaces

January 27th, 2017

With the new year upon us, many people want to get organized and free themselves from clutter. But in a smaller space, this can be difficult, even next to impossible. Check out this list of items to help you reclaim your space!

1. Portable and height adjustable work table to get your most important work done anywhere in your space; compact and lockable caster wheels for easy transport. The top folds down for easy storage in a closet or against a wall. ($49.99;


2. Door shoe rack to help you stay organized; attaches easily and securely; holds 24 pairs of shoes ($24.90;


3. Use the empty space above your bed for lightweight storage; includes a leveler, swivel cup holder and hook set ($72.89;


4. Put up shelves like these industrial and rustic ones that fit anywhere in your space; can be placed on top of  a desk or bed; made from durable iron and mango wood ($59;


5. Putting on a wall desk is a great way to save space and also have the flexibility to get work done when needed (pictured photo currently sold out;


6.  Use the space under your bed to store items to make your apartment clutter free; here is a DIY project that you can do (source: ohyesblog) or you can also buy bed frames designed with storage in mind (source:


7. One of the most overlooked spaces for storage: underneath the staircase! Utilize this space to store knick-knacks, shoes, old photos, etc to make your space organized or convert it to a bookshelf.
(Source: Zenya Adderley, Sydney Australia; ACRE goods + services)

8. You can also take on a bigger project to create a large bookshelf or storage space near a doorway entrance (source:


9. Create a styling drawer to help keep all the wires and hair styling tools in one place (Source: Sicora Design Build).

10. What better way to beautify your space than adding some plants? However, while plants can require a lot of space, there are hacks for smaller spaces! Find some inspiration below (sources:,,


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