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Design Around the World: Thailand

January 25th, 2017

Thailand is a beautiful country with some of the most famous architecture in the world. The architecture style makes up a large part of Thailand’s cultural legacy. Designs reflect the history, religious beliefs, community, and even the climate of Thailand.

Due to heavy flooding during the rainy season, traditional Thai homes tend to be built on stilts made of wood and bamboo. Conventionally, the home is built around a large central terrace with separate rooms surrounding it. The central terrace also tends to have trees growing inside for shade, beauty, and fragrance. There are a variety of cultural rituals done when building a home, but these have decreased in practice as more buildings display an increasing Western influence. 

Many of the historic and famous buildings such as The Grand Palace, which is both an administrative building as well as the residence of the King and the Emerald Buddha, have both Thai and Western influences. It includes both an imperial Victorian style, and Thai sloping roofs and tapering spires. It’s easy to get inspired by the beautiful craftsmanship of Thailand’s architecture and building design.

Keep reading to learn how you can incorporate a Thai influence into your home!

Adding gold accents and decor creates a vibrant and aesthetically bright space. Gold adds a beautiful color to any furniture or decor and brings forth a subtle look of elegance and sophistication.


Flowers are a large part of Thai culture because of the ritual of making a “Buddha offering.” One of the most common offerings is the Phuang Malai which is a flower garland made with various patterns. Flower offerings are used for many occasions including religious rituals, wedding ceremonies and also used as souvenirs. 

Add flowers and succulents to your home for a Thai inspired look or an overall inviting and peaceful space. Research has also demonstrated many benefits of having houseplants including improving air quality, mood, anxiety, stress, and productivity. Artificial flowers and paintings can also add a beautiful nature-inspired look to any home design.


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