Top Home Design Trends for 2017

January 23rd, 2017

Tired of 2016 and looking to shake things up? Our guide for the top home decor trends for 2017 will help you find a fresh new look to reign in the new year. Function, form, and sustainability tie these ideas together, and can transform an old space to your new favorite spot!


1. Reading Nooks: Reading nooks and crevices can offer a chance to escape your Twitter feed or those all-too-common Facebook feuds. Indeed, these spaces are set to explode in popularity in 2017. Even try rearranging your living room or carving out a corner of your bedroom to create a comfy, cozy spot to read, write, and relax.



2. Upholstered Headboards: Once for the ultra-rich, upholstered headboards are popping up everywhere. They can add a dash of color and flair to any bedroom and are super comfortable to lean against for late nighttime reading.



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3. Fabrics from the Future: Couch stains are sooo 2016. Smart fabrics such as Sunbrella and Crypton resist most stains and are easier to clean than normal couches. These fabrics are sure to become a staple in every home in the coming years, so feel free to make a mess! 


4. Mixed Metals: Finally, the floodgates have opened: mixed metals are in! Mix your lights and darks, your silvers and golds, and everything in between as you celebrate this lovely new trend. Metals also go well with white and wood, as shown above.

5. Pantone Color of the Year: Green is in, according to Pantone, who announced the 2017 color of the year as “Greenery”. Symbolizing new beginnings and the great outdoors, if you want to get the stank of 2016 out, bring this color in for a rejuvenating feel.



6. Wood-like Porcelain Tiles: Wooden floors will always be popular, but the maintenance can be tiresome, not to mention the mini-heart attacks you get every time you spill liquid on your pristine wooden floors. Fear not, a new trend is on the horizon, replacing wooden floors in entire homes while still providing that classic look. Porcelain tiles made to look like wood are easier to clean and last much longer than standard wooden floors- they can even be cheaper to install!


7. Jewel Tones: Look for these colors to begin popping up in every home you see. Jewel tones offer beautiful color that looks classy and chic in any space. Consider adding jewel tones to new drapes, couch, or even a fresh coat of paint.


8. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Organic materials, especially wood are flourishing. Also in- walls covered in cork. They provide wooden tones while allowing you to easily attach anything to them without damaging the wall behind them.


9. Target + Dwell: Modern furniture meets affordability with the new Home Decor collaboration between Target and Dwell Magazine. Featuring over a hundred pieces, all less than $400, you’re sure to find something to spice up your space. 


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