How to Pick the Perfect Throw Pillows

October 3rd, 2016

You've finally tracked down and moved in the perfect couch. Now it's time to add a few throw pillows-but you have no idea where to start. We've got you covered with these simple tricks!


1. Size Matters: Traditional throw pillows are 18 inches all around, but you can vary the size depending on the form and function of the space. Larger pillows signal a more relaxed atmosphere, while smaller or rectangular pillows are used in more refined spaces.


2. How many pillows are too many?: As artful as pillows can be, it’s important to not to let them swallow up your couch. Your pillows should complement, not consume. Think about how you want to frame your couch, do you want two pillows on either side, with one in the middle? Or just one on either side, with none in the middle?


3. To Pattern or not to pattern?: Patterns on throw pillows can be fun and festive but think twice if your couch already has a bold pattern. If it does, best to pair it with a few solid-colored pillows. Likewise, if your couch is one uniform color, feel free to spice up the space with a few patterned pillows. We like this Origami Pillow from Pehr Designs.


4. Color is key- or is it?: Throw pillows can be used to bring the whole room together and can serve as accent pieces that compliment colors already in the room. They can also be used to add a pop of color. Choose how you want your throw pillows to function in the space- should they pair with colors already there, or will they invite a new, vibrant color to your space?


5. Family Proofing 101: Lastly, think about how you and your family (or roommates) will use the pillows in the day to day activities. Will they be used as a buffer between a hot laptop and your lap? Will they be thrown to the floor when more people want to sit on the couch? Will you have visitors that would use the throw pillows as sleep pillows? Or do you have children who would like to have the occasional pillow fight? All of these are important questions that will dictate the quality, texture, and hardness of your ultimate choice.


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