San Francisco Loft

I’m a third-generation Californian and third-generation interior designer. My mom’s design style was traditionalist, very Laura Ashley with the chandelier, puffy window seats, ruffles, and English designs. My grandma’s design style resonated with the Eichler home style, and she had the shag carpet, sunken rug, and a patio home with a interior courtyard. This current apartment is a San Francisco rental and it’s about 300 sq.ft. It was originally built in 1906, with a old Victorian style and it had studios and bedroom upstairs for solo renters, and a commercial space downstairs. The commercial space has been a transgender dressing room, an African-American salon in the 60s, and many other businesses. I would say my design style is always changing but I place focus on a “green-organic” outlook. I firmly believe in reusing items and purchasing used item from stores/offices going out of business, craigslist, and house décor sales. My dream is to own a place in the city, have a vacation home in Miami and a home in the Lake Tahoe area where I grew up. I grew up in the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe and met my husband, who is from Mexico City, while going to school there. He is a builder and I’m a designer, so we work collaboratively on various projects including renovating this rental space. To me, good design means scaling one thing. This means, saving up for one big item and then working in layers with the design. After you have the one big thing, like a sofa or a piece of large furniture, then design by adding layers. You can for example affix red wood beam up the walls, then in steps add glass, wood, water, metal, plants, or lighting in layers.

  • Contemporary

  • Living Room
  • Bed Room
  • Bathroom

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