Penthouse Apartment

I've always liked home design and I love to display my designs. Although I’ve always had a knack for design, for the past year and a half I’ve gotten more immersed into it. I search around often looking for different items at garage sales or on OfferUp. And certain things I purchase brand-new like the paintings in the kitchen area, that were $1500 each from Las Vegas. My parents' background is Venezuelan and German-Swedish. I grew up in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with my parents and siblings in Texas. After my parents did well financially, we moved to a 5 bedroom home, however, my parents never focused on home design. My mom’s taste was very traditional – similar to the “Martha Stewart type style.” I moved out of my parents home last February, and since then I’ve been in two apartments. My girlfriend and I are actually moving to our next apartment soon. My background is in sales and marketing in the automotive industry, however, I would love to do home design in the future. I remember when I was in Dallas, a hotel owner that I knew well was renovating the place, and he asked for my design suggestions. And I noticed I really got into it, and he really agreed with most of my ideas, and I thought wow, I’m really enjoying this.

My dream home would be a house on the beach or stucco home on a hill that has a modern and Spanish look to it; I want either everything to be white or black, or very bright and open with lots of color to it. I think the two biggest investment people should make, is in their car and in their home. You don’t necessarily need to buy the best designer bags or shoes, but you do spend a lot of time in your car and home. By having a well decorated home it can give someone the ability to de-stress, feel at peace and clear their mind. For me, the most difficult part of the design process is the budget, and that’s why I like garage sales, used-items sales/apps, and shopping at affordable places such as Ashley’s. However, if there is a particular furniture item that I love from photos that I see on facebook or instagram, I will reach out to the designer and invest in those pieces. To me good home design means creating more positivity in your life, and feeling a sense of accomplishment; a good design will make you want to work more and be more productive.

  • Art deco

  • Living Room
  • Bed Room

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