New School- New Room!

I was entering high school and needed to upgrade my room. My mom gave me a budget and (mostly) free reign. My previous room had been entirely baby blue, and while I liked it, I wanted something bolder. However, I could not ignore the history behind the color. My grandpa, who had passed a few years prior, had painted my room this color when I was little. I remember “helping” him when I was barely old enough to hold a paintbrush. He had worked as a painter most of his life, and his hard work allowed me the comfortable suburban life I now lead. So, in his loving memory, I decided to leave the back wall alone and paint the remaining walls a bold green and pink.

I kept my antique bed, as I had always liked the pink color and flower designs, but opted for a new bed spread. I had a matching dresser, but it’s mirror had broken years prior (during a particularly rowdy sleepover) and was just not big enough for my purposes, so I purchased a taller one. I also got a new desk and bookshelf, all courtesy of Ikea.

On my blue wall is my name, Rebecca, made up of individual letters. Every letter was given to me as a gift from my sister from some meaningful trip. The E is from Italy, the B from Galveston, each letter has is own story.

I love how it turned out in the end. I’m very thankful for my mom for allowing me to update my room for this new phase in my life and could not be happier!

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