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My grandmother was a gypsy and I developed a sense of style from her. I grew up in East Germany and because we couldn’t afford many things, at an early age I started to design and make my own clothes. My classmates were from the west side who had more money, so I didn’t want to wear hand-me-downs from my two sisters. I attended a East Germany sports school that focused on training athletes for the Olympics. Recruiters would come to our schools and observe the students playing sports, and thus, I was chosen to attend the Olympic training school for rowing. I lived with 3-4 other girls in dorms and did training 3 times a day and on the weekends. However ultimately, I wasn’t tall enough to compete. I also did a bit of synchronized swimming. I considered various other fields to pursue including forensics and fashion design, however ultimately I pursued the arts and sports. My parents were also very arts focused, my mom loved the ballet and my dad loved the opera. I started playing the piano at age 15. I became a physical education (PE) and music teacher in Germany.

I left home at age 19, and my first home design theme was “Japanese.” My next design was a 1920s ode with flapper girl designs, Gatsby theme and old furniture. I would go to flea markets to purchase items and renovate them. My friends used to say my house looked like a museum. Later, my design style was a combination of modern and old-fashioned. Right now, my current style is very modern. I love light and clean, white styles and shapes. I lived in Berlin most of my life, and I moved to the U.S. in 2006. Although a lot of people thought I was crazy to move since I had a permanent comfortable job teaching, I just felt I wanted to try something new and sent my resume out worldwide. I ended up landing a position as a teacher here in California, to teach music education and physical education. I don’t miss Germany at all. I felt I was born in the wrong country because I love living here. I find the U.S. to be friendlier, more collaborative, and a sense of honor and respect for people’s work; there is also less competition and need to bring others down when someone is succeeding. Here, if you are willing to work hard, your colleagues will try to help you get further.

I designed my current home and I tend to purchase most items from Berkely, CB2, crate&barrel, scandanavian and anywhere there is a good sale. It’s important for me to have a well designed home that I’m comfortable in because my house is both my workplace and my home. Right now, I teach German school here at home, and I also have a fitness room where I do personal training. I also teach German at the Goethe Institute in San Francisco. My dream home is a place located deep in nature and away from a large street. Good home design to me means a place where you feel free and relaxed after a long day. It’s important to have a well-designed place that reflects who you are because it will help you be more social, have friends over and improve the quality of your life. I know of friends who never have people over because they are ashamed of their home, but if they took a little time to design the place, it would bring them so much joy by expressing their creativity and sharing it with their friends.

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