Mixin' Tradition with Kids

Our house is in San Marcos, Texas and is a historic landmark. We moved into it to start a life with our two little sons. Several additions have been made to the house over the years, and we wanted to honor the history behind the house when we moved in. For example, to pay homage to the rich history of our house and city, we have an antique map of Texas in our office.

A previous owner painted their cat near a windowsill overlooking a garden on one of the kitchen walls, and we absolutely love it, we would never think about painting over it. That owner also installed unique kitchen tiling with several of thier favorite quotes painted on to individual tiles.

The coffee table in our living room is fairly new. Our previous one was small and wooden. We have two very young boys who love to run and play around the house, and they would often trip and run into it. When I saw this piece, I instantly loved it. The kids can play around it and on it safely, and if they fall they will have a softer landing. I also feels like it brings the whole room together.

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