Living Room Re-do

I was deeply unsatisfied with the state of my living room, it was dark and uninviting, even for my two cats, so I decided it was time for an upgrade. I created a 1:20 scale plan of my room and created little 1:20 scale cutouts of the furniture and moved it all around until I liked it.

I lightened up the room by replacing the dark wooden floors with a light colored carpet. My design inspiration was chiefly Ikea, where I picked out a white bookcase, TV stand, and several shelving units, also picked to lighten the room. I have a lot of DVDs and books, so I framed the TV with two of these units.

I added a dining area by purchasing a white table with yellow chairs and red pillows to go with the white shelving unit next to it, topped with red and yellow flower pots. In that unit are brightly coloured storage baskets in and house my yarn collection (I'm a knitter), which before was in cheap plastic boxes and always looked messy.

I designed the layout to separate the L-shaped room and accommodate a dining space in a way that didn't look chaotic so now there's a distinction between the two spaces but they’re still flows together. On the back wall I arranged pictures of Italy and my friends in the shape of a heart, draped by fairy lights that are also in the shape of a heart (on ebay for $11!). Now I love coming home to a bright, inviting space. My cats seem to love the upgrade too!

Here’s a list of the exact products I bought:

From Ikea:
Coffee table & Green side table: Lack Range
Dining Table: Docksta
Chairs: Janinge
Red Rug: Ådum
Yarn Storage Units; Kallax
Baskets (red, green yellow): Dröna
Tv unit/ wall shelf/ bookcases/glass cabinet: Hemnes
Table Lamp: Fillsta

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