Industrial Artistic Home

I moved here from China to study civil engineering at U.C. Berkeley. However after graduating I felt my true talent and gift was not in engineering and tech, so I took two years off to decide what I wanted to do. I traveled the world, met new people, practiced yoga, and even lived in an Ashram in India. It was an amazing spiritual experience for me. My favorite country in the world is India. Right now, I’m in real estate but I would love to get some experience in design and eventually open my own interior design staging firm. Growing up, my dad had a great taste in design because he was a painter and a photographer, so I got my artistic sense from him. My design inspiration is industrial with mid-century style. I look at various blogs, Chinese websites and pinterest to find design ideas and inspiration. I purchase my home décor items from different places including craigslist, west elm, urban outfitters and CB2. My design method is selecting one piece that I absolutely love and working around that piece by adding pieces that look good together with it. Since I love staging, one of the fun things that I’m able to do is rent out my multiple spaces on Airbnb and design them all differently with each apartment having it’s own unique style and flair. All of the guests love it. Good design to me is a space that tells a good story; when someone walks into a home, they are able to understand who the owner is and what their personality is like. The best designed space is a space that makes you yearn to come back home, and tells a good story to other people.

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