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I’m a 5th generation Californian. This was my dad’s home and I grew up here. I went to college at UC-Santa Cruz for a short time and then I moved to the East Coast where my mom lived, to attend the University of Vermont. I later came back here for art school at the San Francisco Art institute and California College of the Arts for pottery, sculpture, and painting. My degree was in fine arts. I absolutely fell in love with pottery from a young age and I was immersed in clay work, however after an exacerbation of a congenital deformity in my wrist, I had to give up making pottery. I then began focusing on painting, which was great but I always found it to be very cerebral and two-dimensional vs. pottery, which has more dimensionality. Since then I’ve gotten involved in stage performance in both singing and acting. Any place I’ve lived, including my first apartment at UC-Santa Cruz ,I always made it my own and designed it to look beautiful. In this current home, I’ve incorporated a lot of things from my dad including an airplane piece as artwork for my dining area. It reminds me of my dad who was a pilot and loved flying; he passed away when a small plane he was flying crashed in Idaho during an interstate flight.

For me, design dictates everything in life. I find that life is very segmented, and design lets you express yourself and how you value yourself. Interior home design is a way of presenting what you hold dear, what sparks a joy in your life and how you arrange things in your life. Design doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be simple things such a changing the paint color or adding wood work. This home is my dream home because each element of this house is an iteration of my dream home. In the future, it would be great if I can add a few 120 sqft/10ft tall tiny homes in parallel as extension of this home. You don’t need a permit as long as you keep within those measurements.

Home design has to give back to your life and put your life at ease. It’s an expression of the inhabitants. In the design process, I always start with places that are difficult to keep tidy. How can I improve a storage space or where do I have too much stuff? If the energy is not flowing properly in a certain area of the house, it’s unorganized and stressful, then that’s the place I like to address and improve. I always look to improve the places I see myself avoiding, such a stack of cookbooks in the kitchen that I never use or a over-stuffed closet I never open. If it’s not serving you and putting your life at ease, then get rid of it. Your own aesthetic is valuable because it’s your voice and expression of who you are – home design should make you feel good all the way down to your toes.

  • Art Nouveau

  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room

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