Creating Our New Home

We purchased our home 17 months ago and went from a small 1400 sqft house to this 3000 sqft colonial style home. While the previous owners took great care of the home, it just wasn't our style. We started off fresh and got rid of 90% of our old worn furniture before the move. We have repainted the entire house, installed new flooring, changed out fixtures, outlets, knobs, etc.

In the past year I have built most of my furniture in my garage, sewn my own curtains, and handcrafted a lot of my decor. The coffee table in the living room was my first piece. I took a lot of inspiration from fancy rustic-style design catalogs and made them on my own for a fraction of the cost. Having a big home doesn’t have to bring big costs. Several pieces such as the shelving unit in our powder room were made from scrap wood, so it was essentially free. We have several handpicked and handmade V’s scattered around the house that represents our family name.

Slowly but surely we are getting each room complete. Our town of Sugar Land is famous for the old Sugar Mill, so for the kitchen I recreated their sugar sacks by copying the design with asharpie onto burlap- and most people think they’re real!

It has been a process building the furniture and figuring out the look I want in this big house. So far we are thrilled with how everything has turned out and look forward to looking back at what a wonderful experience the design process has been.

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  • Bed Room
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Alcove/Reading Nook
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