Country Family Room

I was born in China but I have moved over 20 times. Each time I move, my goal is to make my home better and better. I didn’t have a lot of money growing up, so I’m always in the pursuit of beauty. We rent our home through Airbnb and we want our guests to feel the happiness we feel through our home designs. I also own an inn in Monterey, and my dream is to open a hotel. We collect home decor items from places we travel, and we get our children very excited about the designs. There are items here from Singapore, Japan, China, LA, etc. and items that have been passed down generations such as the living room clock which is around 70 years old passed down from my grandmother. The butterfly display in the living room was purchased in the U.S. and is an expensive investment piece because it’s composed of real butterflies that are handmade, preserved and framed with UV light protection. The ideal home to me is one that is comfortable and where hosts provide great hospitality. Good home design to me means a place where you have the feelings and comforts of not just a house, but a home.

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