Contemporary Loft

I moved here from China four years ago and I’ve been in Mountain View for 6 months. I studied international relations in China and then at Carnegie Mellon, however, now I work in the fraud analysis division of Upwork and I really love it there. I moved to the Bay Area for the better job opportunities, and also for a better dating market than NYC! I feel the guys in this area are more aligned with my dating style, and hence it’s a lot more comfortable to be on Tinder here for example. I really admire female entrepreneurs and I hope to work on something entrepreneurial in the near future in the area of professional debate. I used to debate professionally in China and I want to make it accessible to everyone in China, including in rural parts where people can’t afford to hire professional debaters or attend events simply because of the expensive costs. My parents were never involved in home design, but I began to get interested in beautiful home designs after attending art galleries in NYC. My design style is modern, simple and comfortable. A lot of these items were purchased from affordable shops such as ikea, ebay etc. One of the design aspects that I love most in my apartment is the glow-in-the dark wall art in the bedroom. It looks beautiful at dusk and makes me really happy.

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