Can Good Design Really Bring Abundance?

Our homes and offices affect us in so many ways. They impact our health and well-being, our social interactions and...yes even our prosperity! While we might agree that money is not the most important thing, it is definitely a necessity for living a less stressful life! So, let’s look at some ways we can enhance the energy of wealth and abundance through Feng Shui.

When looking at the area of abundance, one of the first things I encourage you to do before getting started with making some enhancements is to look at really moving from the idea of scarcity to abundance. This often means training yourself to really stop and be very aware of what you are thinking and saying to yourself at the moment. Examples may include speaking in terms of abundance and avoiding statements like “I can’t afford it” or “I’d love to have it BUT…” . Set your intentions that you will be open and receptive to all the wealth life has to offer!

After shifting your awareness and setting your intentions, take a look at your space and let's look at some ways to help ignite the energies through the use of the Bagua. The Bagua is an energy map used in Feng Shui which shows how areas of a home relate to the corresponding aspects of your life. On this map wealth and abundance aligns with the upper left corner of your home. While abundance means so many things to so many people including vibrant health, relationships and being balanced and peaceful, we will focus on monetary abundance specifically because I get this question frequently from clients I help.

Ok so after you've identified this area, take a moment to de clutter and focus on creating a genuinely strong, healthy and solid foundation to get the energy flowing! Try not to get overwhelmed. Focus on what you can change or enhance rather than what you can't. Being overwhelmed will only block the energy further. Do what you can and have fun!

Here are a few tips to start enhancing the energy of abundance right away:

1. Water is an ancient symbol of abundance. Try adding a fountain to this area. This adds a freshness and vitality to the space.

2. The element in Feng Shui for abundance is Wood. The Wood element is represented by plants and trees and is symbolic of growth and abundance, so consider adding tall live plants in this area to raise the energy.

3. Color is powerful! Consider using radiant and luxurious hues like purple, red and gold

So there you have it...some simple yet powerful ideas for igniting abundance. Remember, this is your space and the goal is to create a space that supports and nurtures your intentions! The more passionately you feel about what you are implementing, the more abundance you will create for yourself and the more balanced your life will become!

Love and Light!

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