Austin Living

Living in Austin, I often rent my entire house out for weeks at a time during big events like ACL or SXSW. I’ve had movie producers and company retreats hosted in my house. So making the space as comfortable as possible was a must. I achieved this by spending a day at Rooms To Go, with one guiding notion: I like blue. Hence the blue couches and chairs in the living room. I decided on a painted pattern for the powder room, a design decision I’m pretty proud of.

However, despite renting my home for weeks at time, I still wanted my own personal flair, a bold statement that this place was still mine. I did this with my bedroom. I had had a standard brown, very traditional bedroom set, but gave it away to purchase a king sized, hot pink bed that I love. I remember shopping for it with my aunt, who thought I was crazy for custom ordering a bed like this, but I didn’t care. Best desicion ever.

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