Artwork Everywhere

I wanted to create a comfortable, inviting space for my family that mixed our roots in India, our love of travel, and my children’s beautiful artwork.

We have many sculptures from India and around the world. Every painting we have, however, was done by my two daughters. They had created three beautiful scenic paintings, full of colors and life that I wanted to show off, so I designed our reading nook around those paintings.

They have other works scattered about the house. I like to show off my daughters’ earlier stuff as well, when they weren’t quite the Picassos they are today. My favourite is a drawing my eldest did in 2000 of Harry, Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter. I love having artwork from throughout their lives, especially now that they’re both in college.

  • Asian

  • Living Room
  • Bed Room
  • Alcove/Reading Nook
  • Other

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