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At a very young age and throughout my childhood, I was always organizing and cleaning.  My family has numerous stories of me organizing my toys and clothes and even those of my siblings.  But it wasn’t until after high school that I realized I possessed a true talent and gift.

Upon graduating with a business / hospitality degree from Michigan State University, I moved from Michigan to California  where I have worked in the hospitality industry in various senior level sales positions for the past 25 years.  Throughout my career, I have always maintained my passion for organizing and decorating.  Home organization and decorating go hand-in-hand, so not only will your home or office get organized, it will get organized in style!

There is nothing I love more than helping others, regardless of the task at hand—I’m a naturally caring person.  To be able to help people turn their home or office into a place where they can relax or work more efficiently, is very rewarding to me. My goal is to bring functionality, comfort and beauty to any space. 

The decision to hire a Professional Organizer is a very personal undertaking, and I understand it can be difficult to ask for help.  Please know there is no passing judgement on your current situation.   It is not easy to create and maintain order in our chaotic society.  As a single mother of 5-year old twins, I understand the demands of daily life and how overwhelming it can feel.


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