Organizer FAQ

What is Betternest?

Betternest is a online platform that connects you to professional and certified home organizers. Our platform connects busy professionals, small businesses, the elderly, veterans and and people with mental illness, to certified organizers that declutter, digitize, and make spaces functional to improve productivity, utility, and quality of life.

How do I become a Organizer with Betternest? What are the requirements?

Organizers can register with Betternest here. In order to register, organizers must hold the necessary credentials to practice organization services in their state and country of residence.

Additionally, organizers must have an insurance policy for any miscommunication or unfortunate events that may arise during the design process. By signing up as a organizer with Betternest, you certify that both of these requirements are met.

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What are organization packages? How should I format my organization packages to acquire the most clients?

Organization packages give organizers the ability to offer all-inclusive services based on their interests. Many clients prefer to know how much a total organization project will cost beforehand to help them budget and make a booking decision. Package descriptions should be detailed and describe exactly what is being offered. Clearer and more detailed descriptions have a better chance of being booked.

Can I offer organization services in per hour pricing format rather than packages?

Yes, you can! You have the option of offering services on per-hour basis, in all-inclusive packages or both. In addition, with all invoices you are able to add additional expenses and provide discounts before submitting them to the client. Of course, in all-inclusive packages, all additional expenses should be included in the total pricing ahead of time.

How does initial consultations work?

Organizers can choose to offer free initial consultations, but this is not required. You carry out your business and services as you normally would  – we provide you a great platform to run your services and also bring you clients from our user community and make it easier for you to perform your services efficiently and cost-effectively.

Do you have some advice for posting my services to Betternest?

We are here to help you in every way possible so that you can focus on earning money while we work hard in the back-end. You can find  suggestions on listing your services here.

What is the difference between in-person and online packages?

Depending on what you, the organizer, wants to offer in your packages, services can be rendered in-person or online. In-person services involve going to the client’s home, while online services typically do not. If you choose to offer online services, be clear in how you intend to communicate with your clients and how you will deliver services online.

How can I receive a Betternest Certified Badge?

We are currently in the process of recruiting Betternest Certified Organizers. Please fill out the form here and we will contact you if we accept your application!

What are the fees associated with being an organizer on Betternest? How do payments work on the site?

Betternest is completely free to sign up and to list your services. In addition, all of our fees are currently waived and free at this time so that we can help you reach more clients, add actual value and provide a great service. So go ahead and sign-up - we hope you love using Betternest!

How do I get paid?

After you sign up, you will be asked for your bank account or debit card information on the secure organizer dashboard. We use Stripe as the payment processor, so you will be directed to set up an account there. Once you have entered your information, upon the completion of a organization project, the funds will be direct deposited into that account. Please remember that it will not be possible to book your packages until you set up a payment account.

When do I get paid?

When a client books a package, the transaction amount will be logged into our payment system and will be held in our account. When the project is completed in its entirety, designers will mark the job as “completed”. The funds will be automatically released to your bank account within next few business days.

What is the organizer dashboard?

The organizer dashboard is the central location where you can access all of your messages, bookings, invoices and portfolios to help you stay organized (pun intended!). It is always accessible to you to help you perform your services in a smooth and easy way.

Where can I get more information regarding tax information for services rendered on Betternest?

We use Stripe for payment processing. Here is the link to Stripe that will provide you detailed information on how to file taxes for the services performed on Betternest.

How do I contact Betternest if I have additional questions, suggestions, or concerns?

We love hearing from our designers on how to improve the site. If you have suggestions on how to improve the organizer experience or questions on how the site works, please send us a support request.


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