Betternest Forums General Discussion I have no idea where or how to design my space. I really love and adore design but I just don’t know how to start. Help!!!
Allison Bre
2017-03-28 6:50 pm
I have no idea where or how to design my space. I really love and adore design but I just don’t know how to start. Help!!!
Mara Thompson
2017-03-29 10:51 pm

Here are my tried and true suggestions!

1. First, I started by cleaning up my apartment and all of the clutter as much as I could. I’d recommend doing it with a friend or family member to make it more fun!

2. Get rid of anything you don’t want. Refer to Marie Kondo’s style of getting rid of things that don’t bring you happiness and joy.

3. Find a good friend or neighbor that loves design and have them walk through your house to give you pointers. You’d be surprised at the suggestions they have such as replacing or changing furniture around, a different color wall or something to buy that worked really well for them.

4. Next, painting. I selected a paint, put tape all around the walls and corners, applied one layer of primer and then two layers of the paint. You can even hire a painter who can help you select a color and paint the rooms for you.

5. Then I started with each room. I made a list of everything I need for that room and I dealt with one item per week. When one room is done, you will be inspired to do the other rooms. This system worked really well for me. Don’t be scared or worry about messing it up. It’s your home and make it most fun and functional for you.

6. It takes a lot of courage, but you can also hire someone! It’s not as scary and as expensive as you may think. You can hire someone for a few hours or for an entire project depending on your needs. I would recommend having questions ready ahead of time to make the most out of your money and time. If you hire someone for a few hours, they can help you figure out what your style is, walk you through what design changes they recommend, help you choose a paint color, give you furniture suggestions and also give you a plan.

Hope this helps!

Kelsey Jenson
2017-03-29 10:54 pm

I like to start decorating from end to beginning because it’s so much more fun that way. Step 1 – shop!! I start with shopping at a home decor place such as Homegoods or keep an eye out online for beautiful home decor items (I like OneKingsLane, Gilt, RueLaLa, Urban Outfitters and Overstock). After I’ve found and purchased the item that I love, I change my room around to fit the colors and style of that decor piece. So for example, in my NYC apartment, I found two beautiful blue vases from IKEA that I loved. I placed them on my center living room table, and began adding items to complement it. I then got blue sofa pillows to match the vases and also put up blue, gray and yellow wall decor for a nice touch. And finally after some searching I added a yellow and blue rug in the sofa area. In another apartment, I started with a black and white rug and then incorporated more items to that space to match those colors. In my current place, I found a beautiful painting on Etsy that I had to have! After I got it and placed it on my living room wall, I then purchased pillows and other wall art to match it. I also added a sheep skin rug to match the painting. I’d highly recommend this method because it’s a more fun way to approach decorating, and the items don’t need to be expensive – just things you love at a good price point.

2018-10-24 6:51 am

The design of your home should be beautiful so that you will fell in love with decoration after completion. This home designing and improvement industry are wide and there are the various thing to do with the designing like choosing the furniture, finding the new home decor products and painting or designing the wall. The first thing you can do is find the best professional for your home decor. 

Anthony Cooper
2019-09-12 7:24 am

Some Tips to Design your Space:

  • Paint small rooms in soft colours to make the room feel larger.
  • Use Decorative mirrors to your living space
  • Mix up patterns (old and new items)
  • Use area rugs on your wood flooring
  • Use hanging pots holder
  • Use comfortable slipcovers
Writings On the wall
2020-09-21 7:56 am

The best advice I have for you is to go hard on the wall decor. By hard I mean all out. Get some great paintings! Get a beautiful wall clock and get abstract art! If you’re looking for ideas for decoration and you’re into peaceful things like Buddha paintings (half face and side face) I’d recommend Writings On The Wall- Online Home & Wall Decor Store. 

The final piece of advice- Fill your home with colours you love. You will fall in love with your home every time you enter. 

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