Betternest Forums Storage Solutions How can I find more storage space in my small apartment?
Mara Thompson
2017-03-28 6:16 pm
How can I find more storage space in my small apartment?
Gabrielle Jackson
2017-03-28 7:29 pm

A few hacks that I use for space in my studio apartment is putting up shelves and hooks to have the ability to put up items in un-used places. You can also get bookshelves to help store a lot of items in one organized place.

Christina Lobo
2017-03-28 7:50 pm

I have a ton of those Sterilite plastic storage drawers, and it lets me store all types of things to keep my place organized. They are only like $20-$30 for a 2-set drawer set. For more decorative drawers, you can purchase this brand’s weave tower drawers with driftwood handles that are really versatile and aesthetically pleasing.

2017-03-30 8:50 pm

Storage under the bed, pull down desks, storage above bed frames, and confined shoe racks.

Beckie Egerton
2018-06-11 8:40 pm

Plan your space!!

Being organized is crucial when living in a small space. Group things by where you use them most, and secondly by like items. 

Here is what I do. Remove everything from a particular space, like the bathroom then carefully group things together, remove anything you didn't know you had (you obviously don't need it) and start replacing them in reverse order. In other words, the things you use the least will go back in first because you will likely put them in the back of a drawer or cabinet. 

Use your wasted height. even inside of a cabinet under the sink, you might be able to insert a shelve, this way you can store more in there.

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