360° Consultation by E-Services

by Panaché Interiors

$15000 PACKAGE

  • Home Organization Package
  • In-Person
  • All-inclusive Pricing

360° by Panaché we will talk the general rooms design and views of the mission. How do you propose on the use of the room and/or the way you want the room to function? Initially this method, the consumer and designer will come together and create custom revamping and/or begin sparkling making your visions come to life. Not to mention Panaché is an affordable, adorning, and space making plans company looking to work with all skilled and professional designers and/or contractors to fulfill your personalized area business or residential. E-services could be through e-mail, phone, and/or Skype. Every project is different so we look to have an estimate turn around time of 2 weeks for small projects and about 3-4 weeks for much larger projects. SERVICES CAN BE PROVIDED IN-PERSON OR VIA ONLINE! Prices will vary.

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