Personal Assisting

by The Minimalist Darling

$3000 HOURLY

  • Home Organization Package
  • In-Person
  • Per-hour Pricing

I've been a full-time Personal Assistant to the same wonderful client for 4 years now, and I can offer all my services to you as well. Great for supplementing your decluttering journey!  

Some of the things I can lend a hand with include secretarial work such as making phone calls and booking appointments, and managing paperwork, paying bills, etc. I'm also great at helping my clients transition to a fully digital lifestyle by scanning files and photos onto your computer. If you choose to donate the unwanted items from our decluttering session, I can contact a donation center to come pick them up, or take them there myself.  If you choose to sell some of your items rather than donate, I'm highly experienced at creating successful eBay and Amazon listings.  

There's a multitude of other chores, errands, etc. that I can provide to help you meet your goals and achieve your happiest, most efficient life. Just ask!

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