Marie Kondo Organizing and Decluttering Sessions

by The Minimalist Darling

$8000 HOURLY

  • Home Organization Package
  • In-Person
  • Per-hour Pricing

In my own life, I've applied a gentle minimalism to my lifestyle, and the KonMari Method helped me take it to the next level.  Though it's not extreme, I've definitely found that the "less is more" approach brings me great joy day in and day out.  In your home and life, we can do whatever brings you the most joy.  Whether you feel most at home in something a little cozier, want to go for something more traditional, or want to modernize your home; whether you want to be strictly by-the-book with the KonMari method, or want to cherry-pick what works for you (which Marie encourages!) - all methods, lifestyles and possibilities are available to you and customized to your needs.   

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