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My gift for, and love of, organizing and helping people shine through from our first contact. Collaboration, good communication, a positive attitude, and a gentle, caring approach – combined with a high-energy, can-do work style and innovative ideas – these are what you get when you hire The Wiser Organizer. You also receive a free half-hour consultation.

You  have the final say in what works, and when to stop on a given day. Whether home or office, I’ll help you downsize and declutter, transform chaos into order, and overwhelm into precious peace of mind – using solutions tailored to your needs, style and personality.

I am expert at taming rooms, garages and home offices, paperwork and filing, downsizing/eliminating storage units, pre-move sorting and packing, and post-move home set-up. For small businesses, if you suspect you’re not running at peak efficiency, I will show you where your wasted time, effort or finances are, and I’ll systematize and economize your inventory. I’ll hone your ergonomics, and work and paper flow, to a fine point.



Paperwork:  Mail sortation, reduction, containment and control. Centralization of all office tasks. Desktop ergonomics.

Filing:  Developing an orderly, user-friendly, individualized system that works for you.

Kitchens and Pantries:  Ease of access, sensible storage, combining esthetics with functionality, efficient use of space.

Closets:  “Like with like,” i.e. all accessories, utility items, etc, together.

Rooms:  Home office, library, living room, playroom, den, bathrooms, bedrooms, attic, basement, laundry room – you name it! Whenever possible, proximity of items to where they will be used.

Garages and Sheds:  Themed areas, i.e. all sporting goods/holiday items/gardening tools together. Everything visible, accessible, safe, unobstructive. The most efficient use of space without having to dig or struggle. All boxed items sorted and labeled by category. Will refer competent, reliable handyman if necessary for cabinetry or other construction.

Storage Units:  Downsizing saves money! Separation into categories: “keep, sell, give away, throw away.” Sorting and labeling by theme. Creating aisles that allow easy access and viewing of all items. Will arrange for donation of items.

Pre-move Sorting and Packing:  Moving? Lower the cost of your move by separating the useful from the obsolete beforehand. For about 90% of average containerizing needs, I provide free boxes!

Post-move Organizing:  Need help getting settled in your new home? Functionality, esthetics and placement all considered. I have an excellent sense of composition in setting up a room.

Staging Homes for Sale:  Selling your home? I can help you get your home looking gorgeous using your existing furniture and decor.

Post-disaster Support: Helping find solutions to logistical challenges, and assisting in thinking clearly about unique issues presented by natural disasters.


My fee is $40 per hour for the first four hours, and $35 per hour thereafter. Allow me to be of service!

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Free Initial Consultation

Free Initial Consultation


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