Virtual Joy Check

by For the Love of Tidy

$12500 PACKAGE

  • Home Organization Package
  • Online
  • All-inclusive Pricing

A live, one-on-one virtual tidying session (~2 hours), which includes:

  • An overview of KonMari fundamentals
  • Vision mapping (ideal lifestyle and living environment)
  • Tidying advice regarding any of the KonMari Method™ categories (Clothing, Books, Paper, Miscellaneous and Sentimental items) or common clutter challenges (digital decluttering, downsizing, tidying with kids, etc.)

Access to a reliable internet connection via your home computer and webcam is required.

Perfect for:

  • The DIYer who is committed to designating time to tidy independently, but has clarifying questions
  • The Cautious Consumer who would like to test out the method’s potential before making a larger investment

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